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Aikido was founded by Morihei Ueshiba O-Sensei (1883-1969) who developed this martial art out of traditional Japanese Swordmanship. It is a new way of self-defense using traditionel samurai techniques. Most of these samurai techniques are older than 700 years. For the movements the power of the opponent's attack is used. Adopting this power as one's own advantage AIKIDO is smart and beautyfull to look at and to perform. Nowadays people practice AIKIDO all over the world. In AIKIDO are neither strokes nor kicks are used. The respond to an attack is the intelligent redirection of the opponent's strength. So AIKIDO is suited for men and women both.


One special feature of AIKIDO is its training method: the participants do not practice against one each another but in harmony with each other. AIKIDO does not answer aggression with aggression. AIKIDO the aggression of an attack is absorbed in order to utilize it for further collective motion. In fact the idea of AIKIDO consists of demonstrating to the opponent the uselessness of a conflict. This does by no means limit the enormous power of the AIKIDO techniques in the case of an emergency situation but rather extends the idea of self-defense to a universal philosophy of life.





The way of the sword. Iaido is a method of drawing and cutting with the Samurai sword, and is one of Japan's oldest warrior arts. Modern Iaido training focuses on the development of mental discipline through control of body and sword movements. situation but rather extends the idea of self-defense to a universal philosophy of life.





Tenshin-Shoden-Katori-Shinto-ryu is one of the oldest extant Japanese martial arts, and an exemplar of koryu bujutsu. The TSKSR was founded by Iizasa Ienao (1387-1488), who was living near Katori Shrine (Sawara City, Chiba Prefecture) at the time. The ryu itself gives 1447 as the year it was founded.


TSKSR is the source tradition of many Japanese martial. As such in 1960 the school received the first ever "Intangible Cultural Asset" designation given to a martial art by the japanease gouvernment. This allowed the ryu to maintain its independence and integrity.


The main emphasis of the school is on Kenjutsu (sword technique). A wide range of other weapons are being taught as part of the curriculum (Bo, Naginata, Yari, Shuriken, etc.), but the sword remains the central weapon.


The current, twentieth generation headmaster, is Yasusada Iizasa. The representatives and head instructors are Yukihiro Sugino (Kawasaki) and Risuke Otake (Narita City). Official representative of the Sugino Dojo in Germany ist Ulf Rott (Leer), our teacher.





The Aikido-Zen e.V. Bremen was founded in 1988 and daily practice started in summer 1989. The club has about 80 members. The training hall is called with the Japanese term "dojo". See our adress at the top of this site.





Monday to Friday lessons are from 6.00-8.30 p.m., Keep your own impression: try yourself - without pay and feel free to join later



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